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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Parliament are not gone yet. We have nothing to do, but I believe the ministry have something for us to do, for we are continually adjourned, but not prorogued. They talk of marrying Princess Carolinex and Louisa2 to the future Kings of Swedens and Denmark4; but if the latter5 is King of both, I don't apprehend that he is to marry both the Princesses in his double capacity.
Herring", of Bangor, the youngest bishop, is named to the see of York. It looks as if the bench thought the Church going out of fashion; for two or three of them have refused this mitre7.
Next Thursday we are to be entertained with a pompous parade for the burial of old Princess Buckingham. They have invited ten peeresses to walk; all somehow or other dashed with blood-royal, and rather than not have King James's daughter attended by princesses, they have fished out two or three countesses descended from his competitor Monmouth.
There, I am at the end of my tell! If I write on, it must be to ask questions. I would ask why Mr. Chute has left me off? but when he sees what a frippery correspondent I am, he will scarce be in haste to renew with me again. I really don't know why I am so dry; mine used to be the pen of a ready writer, but whisk seems to have stretched its leaden wand over me, too, who have nothing to do with it.
LETTER 118.—* Princess Elizabeth Caroline (1713-1767), third daughter of George II; noted for her piety and benevolence; she died unmarried. (See Memoirs of George II, ed. 1822, vol. ii. p. 268, and Hervey, Memoirs, passim.')
2  Princess Loniisa (1724-1751), fifth daughter of George II; m. Frederick V, King of Denmark.  (See Memoirs of George II, ed. 1822, vol. ii. pp. 197-8.)
3  Prince Adolphus Frederick   of Holstein-Gottorp, succeeded as King of Sweden, 1751; d. 1771.
4  Frederick, Prince Royal of Denmark, succeeded his father, 1746 ; d. 1766.
5  There "was a party at this time in Sweden, who tried to choose the Prince Royal of Denmark for succession to King Frederick of Sweden. Walpole.
6  Thomas Herring, translated to Canterbury, 1747.
7  Dr. Wilcox, Bishop of Rochester, and Dr. Sherlock, Bishop of Salisbury ; the latter afterwards accepted the see of London.    Walpole.